BITCARBON BCC IN PRE-SALE: Bid: $9,950 Ask: $10,150 Last: $10,000 Volume: $25,000,000


A Bitcarbon Token is created when a Diamond Standard Coin or Bar is manufactured with an embedded chip that is registered to the authentication system by the GIA. The information is then stored on the Bitcarbon blockchain providing a unique asset that is simultaneously digital and physical.

  • The only Bitcarbon tokens are those inside a physical commodity. 1:1 Ratio
  • ERC-20 Token compatible with any exchange, tradeable in any currency
  • Market sets the price, just like the gold market
  • Open API. The Tokens are delivered on Ethereum.
  • Bitcarbon Token have a lien feature, enabling the owner to pledge the token and its underlying asset to asset-back a crypto transaction.