BITCARBON BCC IN PRE-SALE: Bid: $9,950 Ask: $10,150 Last: $10,000 Volume: $25,000,000


The Diamond Standard solves a centuries-old diamond industry problem by creating a fungible (identical value) diamond commodity. This new commodity is wirelessly authenticated and digitally traded. They are liquid and secure assets that move seamlessly between physical and digital ownership. The owner can take physical possession anytime.

  • Tamper-evident, transparent resin protects the diamonds.
  • Embedded wireless 1,024-bit encryption chip. 8kB memory, 1ms read/write time, 500k cycles. For authentication and transactions.
  • Unique optical fingerprint formed in liquid resin, for tamper-proof authentication.
  • Authentication application that runs on a standard Android smartphone with NFC.
  • Authentication cabinet for custodians, with wireless auditing, network interface, and blockchain transaction processor.
  • FIPS 140-2 hardware security module (HSM) for encryption key management.
  • Bitcarbon enrollment application, burning the encryption circuit, registering optical fingerprints, and publishing Bitcarbon Tokens. The blockchain address for each diamond is embedded in the Bitcarbon Token.
  • Eco-friendly acid to dissolve a Coin or Bar and recover certified diamonds.