The Diamond Standard Coin is the world’s first and only regulator-approved diamond commodity. Every coin has the same value, so you can trade them quickly and easily, like gold bars.

Coin with diamonds

Transparent, Fairand Regulated

Diamond Standard is the world’s first diamond market maker. We bid on 16 million varieties of diamonds, from the diamond market and consumers.

Just like gold, the market sets the price. Our exchange collects a 3.5% fee.

The diamonds are natural and GIA graded — a fair and transparent statistical sample of all diamonds, assembled under regulatory supervision—in a high-tech package.


A wireless computer chip inside the Diamond Standard Coin enables authentication, remote audit, and instant transactions. The chip stores a blockchain token. Trade the token on an exchange, and you trade the Coin. The token is regulator-licensed.

Coin and the mobile app
  • Wireless encryption chip compatible with Android smartphones (iPhone Soon)
  • Mobile app for authentication and trading in-person, worldwide
  • ERC-20 blockchain token for instant transactions
  • When stored by a custodian, you can trade your token on digital exchanges 24/7