We Are ESG

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Our Approach: Environmental, Social, Governance

As the creator of the first regulator-approved diamond commodity, Diamond Standard Co. had a unique opportunity to influence and improve the ESG attributes of this and similar assets, and the natural diamond supply chain. The goals of our operating processes include the advancement of ethical, societal, governance and transparency values. We call for the participation of our employees, customers, suppliers, partners, regulators and shareholders (all together our stakeholders) to achieve these goals.

Diamond Standard Co. collaborated with stakeholders throughout our development and launch. We sought to understand what Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues most closely align with our strategic direction and values. These conversations shed light on both our areas of opportunity and our leverage. We believe in maintaining an ongoing constructive and respectful dialogue as we strive to address these important issues.

We have included highlights of our ESG efforts below. As we move forward, we will continue to assess business risks and opportunities to ensure our strategy evolves in today's fast changing world.