Why Diamonds: An Underallocated Asset with Pent Up Demand

A $1.2 trillion natural resource formerly inaccessible to investors, diamonds returned less then 1% per year over 17 years, while Gold, Silver and the S&P 500 averaged over 400% increase. As densely valuable crystals, only diamonds can be sealed with electronics, authenticated and decentralized as a trustless digital asset.

2004 - 2022 17 Year Diamonds Gold S&P 500 Silver Annual Returns Bloomberg Graph Commodity

Diamond Outlook: 35% IRR

In August 2020, Diamond Standard received regulatory approval. With the launch of the Coin, diamonds became a fungible liquid commodity for the very first time. In the 12 months post-approval, diamonds returned 35% — matching the S&P 500, and outperforming gold by 40%.

2020 - 2022 2 Year Diamonds Gold S&P 500 Weekly Returns Bloomberg Graph Commodity

Rare and Timely Opportunity

While treasured for hundreds of years, diamonds are the only top-ranked precious natural resource not commonly held by investors. Diamond Standard is unlocking the value of diamonds as an asset for the first time in the form of a

  • Secure
  • Deliverable
  • Easily traded product

— just like gold bars.

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Benefits of Diamond Investing
Minimal Correlation to Precious Metals

Diamond Standard's Market Outlook: Fall 2022

Diamond Standard: Market Outlook Fall 2022